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BRAINSTORMING: On a regular basis, we will take one object and, with your help, find at least 25 nonstandard uses for it. For example, a spoon is used for eating but can also be used for digging, hammering, etc. The goal is to explore normal objects in new ways. How you use the new discoveries is entirely up to you.

It looks like we're in for some rough mental weather. Yep, that's right, it's brainstorm time again.

This week the challenge is credit cards. Obviously, you can use them to purchase things, and to ruin your life. Let's dig a little deeper.

The first two people to post 25 offbeat uses for a credit card wins a TRCKY download of their choice. Be thoughtful. 25 quick and simple answers may not win.

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5 thoughts on “Credit Card”

  • Oliver

    1) A mirror (small reflective silver piece on the back).

    2) A bookmark.

    3) A business card holder if you stick two together around the edges.

    4) A door opener.

    5) A way to serve out dips like Hummus.

    6) Cutter (cut through olives).

    7) Ruler is you measure how long it is.

    8) Mini wallet by pacing a rubber band around it.

    9) Alternative to a fork.

    10)Stack 10 up and create a game of Jenga.

    11) Place on top of your mug to keep your hot drink warm.

    12) Test your memory by learning all numbers on both sides forwards and backwards.

    13) Weird alternative to a shoe horn.

    14) As a playing card if you lose a card in your deck.

    15) A letter opener.

    16) A paint pallet.

    17) Expand the black stripe into a fake mustache using a sharpie.

    18) Slice beans thinly.

    19) Paperclip holder.

    20) Game seeing how long you can balance a ball on top of it for.

    21) Pocket doodle pad by drawing on the front.

    22) Painting it to become a unique work of art.

    23) Phone protector by attaching to the back of your phone.

    24) Coaster for bottles.

    25) Attaching your school timetable to the back so its a schedule that fits in your pocket.

  • Leo Claughton
    Leo Claughton

    1. A Mini Shelf (shove it in the wall)
    2. A table for The Borrowers
    3. A tester to see how good you would be at reading brail
    4. A device to pick up spiders and other such creatures to put them outside
    5. A lock picking device
    6. Impromptu skates (strap 1 to each foot)
    7. A device used to move/remove objects in narrow gaps
    8. A reminder of what your signature looks like
    9. A funky way to tile your wall if you have plenty of them
    10. A device used to flatten things
    11. Impromptu Ice-scraper
    12. You could fashion in to a lock picking device, or murder weapon
    13. Use it to chop up dough
    14. Quick and easy Trowel.
    15. A tester to see how dexterous you are in your feet (rolling it between the gaps between toes)
    16. Grab 6 of them and you can fashion a box out of them. You could label it your "Money Box"
    17. If you lose the back of a picture frame (depending on the size) you could replace it with the Credit Card
    18. Pocket Separator, put it in your breast pocket and now you have 2 in one!
    19. A Device to remind you of your name if you forget
    20. A really small plate, maybe for putting honey on when you see an injured Bee.
    21. A rather small leaver/see-saw
    22. Put any letter of the alphabet on one side and use it as a book separator, similar to what they do in libraries.
    23. Mini booster seat
    24. Could be used to block out sun if it was in your eyes
    25. Little bridge between tables and other such gaps for spiders and other creatures of a similar size.

  • Bennie weber
    Bennie weber

    1. Ice scrapper windshield
    2. Shoe cleaner
    3. Dicer of food
    4. Coffee stirrer
    5. Fire starter
    6. Eating utensil
    7. Cut meat
    8. Act as spoon
    9. Paint stirrer
    10. Stuck gum remover
    11. Construct toy house
    12. Sharpen into weapon
    13. Paint remover on wall
    14. Bookmark
    15. Drink Coaster
    16. Squeegee to remove water from windows
    17. Tile cleaner in shower
    18. Toilet bowl cleaner
    19. Torn and restored magic trick
    20. Use as screw driver
    21. Game see how far you can throw
    22. Use a patch inside bike tire
    23. Make a credi card sculpture
    24. Use as a cover on cup to prevent spillage
    25. Use as a pan scraper to remove burnt food

  • John Bruckerhoff
    John Bruckerhoff

    1. Door opener
    2. weapon ( break it, middle part sharp )
    3. lotto scratcher
    4. Proof of identity (if you have the one with your picture )
    5. A straight edge for drawing
    6. Ice scrapper
    7. cut part of it and use it as a guitar pick
    8. cut it in pieces and paint it and then use it to make jewlery
    9. drill holes and use it to keep your headphone cords from getting tangled.
    10. scrape dirt out of those hard to get anything in places of your shelves.
    11. tool - screwdriver
    12. fan - wave yourself with it.
    13. Phone stand - cut edge so it it can be on the table, and a spot to put the phone in.
    14. Door jam, stick it in so it will stay open.
    15. Costume tail
    16. Clean under your nails.
    17. Letter opener.
    18. way to mark your food.
    19. Way to block your eyes while your tanning.
    20. Grind stuff into a powder.
    21. cut cheese
    22. to fix a small hole in a wall.
    23. cut the tape of the dvds when you buy them.
    24. protect cds from sun damage.
    25. a plastic mold if you melt it.

  • Rich Aviles
    Rich Aviles

    You all jumped in quickly with great responses so we've decided to declare all four of you winners! Check your email for details. Thanks for participating.

    Rich Aviles