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BRAINSTORMING: On a regular basis, we will take one object and, with your help, find at least 25 non-standard uses for it. For example, a spoon is used for eating but can also be used for digging, hammering, etc. The goal is to explore normal objects in new ways. How you use the new discoveries is entirely up to you.

It's that time again. Time for you to flex your brain muscle and develop some odd uses for a normal object. Today's object is... [drumroll, please] a pencil!

In fact, one non-standard use for a pencil is to use it for a drumroll!


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7 thoughts on “Pencil”

  • Harapan Ong
    Harapan Ong

    1. Digging your nose
    2. Puncturing car tires
    3. Stirring coffee
    4. Catapult projectile
    5. Really light dumbbell
    6. Paddle move practise
    7. Flip Stick practise
    8. Jamming into your enemy's eyes, Joker style
    9. Guitar pick
    10. Half a chopstick
    11. Prop up a shaky table
    12. Doorstop
    13. Makeshift firewood
    14. Graphite used to conduct electricity
    15. Hole puncher
    16. Snack for a beaver
    17. House for termites
    18. Toy for woodpecker
    19. Dart
    20. Digging your ears
    21. Torture device (finger clamp)
    22. Makeshift Hot Rod
    23. Spare handlebar for a bicycle
    24. Ear accessory
    25. Murder weapon

  • Rich Aviles
    Rich Aviles

    Harapan, I believe you are the first to do all 25 in one shot. And these are great!

  • Harapan Ong
    Harapan Ong

    Thanks! Thought I could take a little break from studying... :P

    Harapan Ong

  • Ronnie Ramin
    Ronnie Ramin

    1. use it for card stab.
    2. pull eraser off and make it jump from one hand to another.
    3. Peel the writing up on the side and show something underneath.
    4. stick it through your hand.
    5. Balance stuff on the point:
    gum, the eraser torn off other end

  • Cuong Pham
    Cuong Pham

    Remember the Joker's magic trick in the Dark Knight? That's creativity, right?

  • David Kuraya

    Paul Curry's Relativity double lift!
    A wand- Mohammed Bey Okito action
    Impromptu flip stick
    Lemon skewer

  • Ashley

    Great way to come up with ideas. I also saw a docu once that said that if you do do something completely differently it opens up the mind to creativity. So eat your breakfast from a plate, not a bowel, or have your coffee in a glass, while standing. Or even crazier ideas, all stimulate the mind to think differently. Apparently it is measurable!